Solid Wooden Decking

Balau decking is a tropical hardwood. This is a very dense tightly grained wood that is heavily laden with rich tropical oils and resins. Balau is a very hard wood and very durable, Balau has very similar characteristics to Teak but at a much lower cost compared to Teak.

Massaranduba decking is a very popular decking material from South America. In its natural state it is dark chocolate brown in colour and is extremely durable. It is very heavy. It has a wavy, straight, or interlocked grain and a very fine texture. Massaranduba has a class A fire rating which is the same category as steel and concrete.

Garapa decking has great properties. Garapa is insect and rot resistant, easier to work with than some other hardwoods, it lasts an exceptionally long time. This wood is quickly becoming an alternative for those who don’t like a darker like Massaranduba, but still want a good quality, stable, sustainable project wood for a good price.